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ApoLife is a biotechnology company focused on rapidly bringing new biosimilar medicines to the market. The company has applied its patented and proprietary Twin Cassette® yeast expression technology towards the accelerated development of a portfolio of therapeutic antibodies (glycosylated and aglycosylated), diabodies, nanobodies, fusion proteins and secreted proteins.

ApoLife's high throughput synthetic DNA technology platform enables the manufacture of fully functional antibodies in secreted form. ApoLife's lead therapeutic programs are a Campath biosimilar antibody and an IgA antibody for C. difficile infection. Both drug development programs are grant funded.

ApoLife's technology employs Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, which has been used in manufacturing food, beverage and multiple FDA approved therapeutic products. This provides competitive regulatory advantages over other unvalidated yeast expression systems.

The company has out-licensed its Twin Cassette® yeast expression platform to 5 biopharma which will enable its validation and can accelerate the process of bringing the new therapies to market with reduced healthcare costs.